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Monday, 3 January 2011

Yamaha XS650

The ol' XS 1 aka the XS 650, been around since..... ooh, must be 76 or 77 I should think. Many people say it's the bike Triumph should have built, just as many say that it just ain't a bloody Triumph! Accepted by the majority of the custom world, 'round long enough to have credibility, but is it COOL or NOT comments welcome on this touchy subject.


  1. its the finished object taken as a whole that makes something cool or not.... not the sum of its parts

    even a crocker motor put into a shit build is uncool

    christ did i really just say that!! oh shit!!!dont quote me on that...

    i reserve the right to argue this point in completely the opposite direction at any later date... there that should cover my arse :)

  2. ha ha ha i think your tracks are cover'd there mate.